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Google Workspace Add Ons walkthrough or GWAOw! is a Youtube series that explores the best add ons in the Google Marketplace.


What’s a Google Workspace Add-on

Add-ons are FREE or paid extensions to your Google Workspace that can help you to do a lot more than the standard software provides. They may achieve small tasks like providing a currency converter in your sidebar or be a complete software solution like a school administration manager.

Some of the most popular add-ons help you to:

  • Mail merge
  • Sign documents
  • facilitate Industry-specific workflow solutions
  • Integrate other software with Google Workspace
  • Add custom assets to your Slides, Sheets, Docs
  • Expand the capabilities of your standard Google Workspace suite

You can explore Google Workspace Add-ons from the Google Marketplace.

About GWAOw!

One to two GWAOw! episodes are produced each month featuring a selected add on. Here we:

  1. Explain what the add-on does and why it could be useful for you.
  2. Install or set up the add-on.
  3. Run through some examples to get you started.

Why GWAOw!

When working with Google Workspace users and businesses I noticed that many folks simply didn’t know that there is a whole world of extensions out there to enhance their Google Workspace experience. Some people were frustrated with the limitations that Google Workspace provided while others wasted time reinventing the wheel. When I suggested they try a Google Workspace Add On for their solution, some were a little sceptical while most simply said, “What’s that?”.

It is my hope that the GWAOw! series helps to play a role in enlightening and educating folks about Google Workspace Add Ons. I want to give you a chance to see what is out there so that you might have an “Ah ha!” moment and say, “that’s exactly what I need to solve my problem.”

There are so many add ons in the marketplace and new ones keep coming. Check out the episodes below to learn more or explore the marketplace for yourself.

GWAOw! Episodes


Sections to Sheets Google Sheet Add-On

Sections to Sheets – Free Google Add-on That Separates Column Sections Into Individual Sheets for Page-by-Page Export or Printing

What is Sections to Sheets? Sections to Sheets is a free Google Sheets Add-on that separates rows...
Insert Special Characters by Sheets Help GWAOw

GWAOw! 5 – Insert Special Characters by Sheets Help

In this episode of GWAOw!!! we look at Insert Special Characters by Sheets Help. About...
GWAOw! Episode 4 Forms History by Martin Hawksey

GWAOw! 4 – Forms History by Martin Hawksey

In this episode of GWAOw!!! we look at the Google Workspace add-on, Forms History by...
GWAOw! 3 Crop Sheet by Eric Koleda a Google Workspace Add On

GWAOw! 3 – Crop Sheet by Eric Koleda

In this episode of Google Workspace Add On Walkthroughs (GWAOw!), we take a look at...
GWAOw!!!_2_ImportFromWeb by NoDataNoBusiness

GWAOw! 2 – ImportFromWeb by NoDataNoBusiness

In this episode of Google Workspace Add On Walkthroughs (GWAOw!), we take a look at...
GWAOw!!!_1_Workbook Statistics by Sourabh Choriaria

GWAOw! 1 – Workbook Statistics by Sourabh Choraria

In this episode of Google Workspace Add On Walkthroughs (GWAOw!), we take a look at...




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