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Courses & Projects


Absolute beginners video guide to working inside Google Sheets-FREE

This bite-sized Youtube course covers 44 special tools that will have you mastering Google Sheets in no time. One of the keys to success and efficiency in any business is having a grasp of handling spreadsheets.

Whether you are coming from MS Excel or you are working with spreadsheets for the first time. This guide is a must.

Check out the Youtube series here:

Youtube Beginners Guide

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The Monster Guide to Data Validation in Google sheet-FREE

This course caters for both the beginner neophyte and intermediate level medicum in Google Sheets. Mastering data validation will help you control and guide what users enter into your Google Sheets resulting in cleaner more usable data.

This FREE course takes you through each aspect of data validation while also covering many of the common challenges you might face and provide some solutions to those challenges. Finally, this course will provide you with a number of custom validation tools to help you in your day-to-day Google Sheets work.

Check it out now!

The Monster Guide to Data Validation in Google Sheets: Free Course

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Google Sheets Intermediate Project: Comparing the Best Daily Currency Exchange Rates Between Two Agencies – XRP/USD Example: FREE

This FREE 3-part course is designed for you to explore some intermediate Google Sheets functions, design, conditional formatting and workflow as you make your way through a project.

You’ll learn how to create a client-focussed chart to compare two daily currency exchange agency rates that are being fed live to your Google Sheet. You’ll then learn how to build a chart to display the comparisons and plot the daily exchange rate.

By the end of this course, you should have picked up a number of intermediate skills that you can apply to your own projects.

You can start at part 1 – HERE!

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Links & References

Websites || Communities || Social

Just a short list of recommended links.


  • Google Support Page – Functions: Using the search bar and the function list for Google’s Support Page will help you solve most of your issues. Make sure you bookmark this one if you work with Google Sheets regularly.
  • Ben Collins: A site similar to this one with a tonne of tutorials on Google Sheets. Ben also provides some exceptional courses FREE and paid. He’s a great guy. Go and show him some love!
  • Baz Roberts: Another prolific Google Suite and Google Apps Script blogger. Baz has a great collection of project-based tutorials that are well worth getting your teeth into.
  • Ayran Irani: Has a growing mix of Youtube videos with a selection of Google Apps Script, Google Sheets and other Google Workspace videos.

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  • Google Sheets Help: The Google Docs Help Community is a pretty good resource for you to troubleshoot problems or, when you are really stuck, get some advice.

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  • Twitter
    • GSuite: Google’s GSuite page has some great tips and updates on all things GSuite including some regular Google Sheet tips and gif videos showing new functionality or boosting productivity.
  • Youtube
    • Learn Google Spreadsheets: two years and over 50 videos on Google Sheets from this fella. His videos are top quality and his pacing is top-notch.
    • Prolific Oaktree: A number of good Google Sheets tips here.

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A list of my current Add-ons for Google Sheets

  • SpacerFREE: Spacer is a Free Google Add-On that creates row spaces by column categories.
  • Sections to SheetsFREE: Free Google Add-On that separates column sections into individual sheets for page-by-page export or printing.

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Tools and Templates

  • Attractive Recipe Template to store recipes for sharing and printing. You can quickly change the batch size or total ingredient weight. There is also a table of contents.