GWAOw! 3 – Crop Sheet by Eric Koleda

GWAOw! 3 Crop Sheet by Eric Koleda a Google Workspace Add On

In this episode of Google Workspace Add On Walkthroughs (GWAOw!), we take a look at Crop Sheet by Eric Koleda.

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Crop Sheet allows you to quickly crop a Google Sheet tab by your own selection or by the data in your sheet tab.

With over 1,000,000 installs this is a simple Google Workspace Add On that completes a specific job well.

What’s the alternative? A somewhat slower process of removing outer columns and rows by a whole lot of clicking, shortcut commands and time wasted.

Eric was a Developer Relations Infrastructure Manager at Google before moving to (An all-in-one document tool for collaboration) as their Developer Advocate. I’d be pretty confident in this add on. 😉

You can also find the code for Crop Sheet on GitHub.

Check it out on the Google Workspace Marketplace: Crop Sheet

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