GWAOw! 1 – Workbook Statistics by Sourabh Choraria

GWAOw!!!_1_Workbook Statistics by Sourabh Choriaria

In this episode of Google Workspace Add On Walkthroughs (GWAOw!), we take a look at Workbook Statistics by Sourabh Choraria.

Workbook Statistics is a FREE add-on that allows you to get intimate with all of your Google Sheets stats from your menu bar. You can grab stats on the number of rows, sheet names, pivot tables and much more from an individual Google Sheet to the entire workbook.

Check it out on the Google Workspace Marketplace: Workbooks Statistics

Sourabh, being the all-around awesome person that he is has also open-sourced the code for this Add-on. You can find it on his GitHub page.

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