GWAOw! 5 – Insert Special Characters by Sheets Help

Insert Special Characters by Sheets Help GWAOw

In this episode of GWAOw!!! we look at Insert Special Characters by Sheets Help.

About Insert Special Characters for Google Sheets.

As the name suggests, the Insert Special Character Add-on allows you to access the complete list of special characters like maths symbols, shapes and arrows, currency symbols, dingbat and Greek and Coptic symbols from the sidebar of your Google sheets.

This is all accessible from the convenience of the sidebar within your selected Google Sheet.

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The Insert Special Character Google Workspace Add-on comes with some handy features. You can:

  1. Modify the colour and size of the characters before installing them.
    Modify colour and size before inserting special character into Google Sheet
  2. Insert Multiple characters into one cell.
    Insert multiple special characters into a single cell in Google Sheet
  3. Filter the character list by:
    1. Arrows
    2. Geometric Shapes
    3. Currencies
    4. Maths Symbols
    5. Dingbats
    6. Greek and Coptic Symbols
      Filter special characters lists in Google Sheets
  4. Use the search bar to search for a specific character.

Search for a special character in Google Sheets

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The add-on comes with a 7-day free trial followed by a very reasonable one-time $7 purchase, but…I spoke to Adam from Sheets Help and managed to get you 20% off.

I don’t know how long the offer will last so I recommend that if you find this Add-on useful, take advantage of the discount while it is still available.

Use the code SPECIAL20 at checkout to get the discount. You can find the code in the description below this video.

About Sheets Help

Along with their recent publication of the Google Workspace Add-on Insert Special Characters for Google Sheets, Sheets Help provides a wide variety of tutorials, tips and tools to help you with your next project.


Get the Add-on

Check it out on the Google Workspace Marketplace: Insert Special Characters

Or learn more from the add-on’s homepage.


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