Instagram Diaries 3 – Day One and My First Pics

If  you missed Part 1 of the Instagram Diaries – how it all began – you can click here!

The cat’s out of the bag! Mrs Yagi got wind of what I was doing and read my first article on the Instagram Diaries.  So much for that secret-not secret rant in the last post. Ha!

Day One of posting was a challenging day. I had some choices to make. Do I start uploading photos of my most recent vacation or do I start at the very beginning of the photos from my phone all the way back in 2016?

Those first photos happened to be taken on a trip to Egypt and there were trips to Australia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Romania that I could add as well ( Oh Yagi! You place dropping hussy!). I like the idea of starting from the beginning for two reasons:

  1. I wouldn’t have to scramble for pictures now. Instead I could pick the best from what I had and slowly release them 1 to 3 a day.
  2. When else am I going to look at these photos? I reckon I am like almost everyone else and take photos for the sake of taking photos and never really go back on a trip down memory lane. 

First Pic Away

Awh yeah! Cool! I remember that little guesthouse with perfect views of the Pyramids, I thought. 

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Instagram Diaries 2 – Creating and Instagram Business Account, Getting the Perfect Username and Profile Image

If  you missed Part 1 of the Instagram Diaries – how it all began – you can click here!

Well, here we go.

One of the benefits of not being 20 year old me is that I am a little more cautious and less willing to trust my abilities in favor of listening to successful people and following their advice. 

Okay, I fess up. I am more likely to research and take others peoples advice more than I did twenty years ago. There!!! Is that okay? Jeez!!!

So the gurus of Instagram, those twenty-teen titans, were telling me that I should either upgrade my current Instagram account or create a new account.

Hmm… the though of updating my personal Instagram account and dicking around with all sorts of marketing tests did not seem fair to the few friends who bullied me into joining Instagram against my will in the first place.

Plus I got a bit of a confession to make…

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Instagram Diaries 1 – Getting Started

This might just be my midlife crisis! The start of my bumbling adventure on #Instagram

This might just be my midlife crisis!

A little over a month ago I turned 40. I could tell I was going to hit the big four-oh because of all the aches and pains that take longer and longer to deal with than they used to. 

On top of that, the new workload got hard. I mean real hard. I’m used to pulling 10+ hour days once or twice a week, but this year, it’s been every single day.

I know I needed a side project that was fresh and light. I needed a break from the coding and spreadsheets. Like any bloke in his midlife crisis, I needed to go out here and hit the latest young thing in a sad and desperate effort to rekindle my youth. 

That young thing, I thought, would be Instagram. Now, I know Instagram is no baby, but we need to to talk comparatively here. I’m on that slow rise to the “Old Fart” zone and five years older than 90% of the demographic

So to prove my youth one last time (maybe), I set out to learn what I could about Instagram. What I didn’t expect was the utter amount of information, and a lot of it data driven too! I was really starting to warm to the idea.

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Google Apps Script: Get File By Name – With Optional Parent Folder Crosscheck

Google Apps Script

One of my recent projects in Google Apps Script required me to search for a file by name and get its ID. This can be problematic in Google Drive because you can have multiple files of the same name in multiple locations. My solution was to also check the file’s parent folder name as well. 

I created a function getFileByName() to handle this. The function takes the following parameters:

  • fileName – The name of the file you are looking for. (required)
  • fileInFolder – The parent folder of the file your are searching for. (optional)

The file path would look a little something like this:


getFileByName() returns an object containing :

  1.  the ID of the file if the file exists or false if it does not.
  2. the ERROR if there is an error or false if there is not. 

The returned object would look like the following:



getFileByName() reports the following errors:

  1. If no parent folder name is given and there are more than one file with the same file name. 
  2. There is more than one parent folder and file combination with the same name.
  3. There are multiple files with the same name but none are in the folder parent name provided.
  4. No file with the file name provided exists.

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