Count the Number of Selected Days of the Week in Google Sheets


A very common spreadsheet task is to get the total count of the days between two dates. We might need this information to:

  • Find the number of days absent of staff or students.
  • Find the total days worked or attending a class.

Some times we need to avoid including weekends, national holidays or certain days of the week in our total account. Fortunately for us, Google Sheets has some custom functions to help us easily work this all out.

This tutorial will cover how to find the total number of days over a range minus any selected days you don’t want to be included. We’ll also cover how to get the total count of specific days of the week over a range.

NOTE! I have the dates set to the British standard e.g. 5 May 2020. You can change the formatting around to any gregorian date format for these examples.

Let’s get cracking!

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Google Apps Script: Upload grades into a Google Classroom Coursework Assignment (Updated Feb 2022)

Google Classroom, Google Sheets, Google Apps Script: Classroom API, SpreadsheetApp, map, forEach

At the date of writing this the world is in the midst of a worldwide pandemic – the Corona Virus.

For educators and their Igors administrators like me, it has been an incredibly busy couple of months.

Many of us have quickly sort to use online resources and tools to keep in contact with our students and take a crash course into the world of online teaching.

Google Classroom has become one of the darlings of the teaching world that has come out of this crisis. Its shallow learning curve and attractive UI made it an obvious choice for most educators. Oh, and I am sure the fact that it is free helped too.

For all of Google Classroom’s ease of use, I still feel the application is in its fledgling stages and does have a few limitations that, I’m sure, Google is constantly working on and improving.

One of the limitations is that you cannot simply upload grades from, say Google Sheets or another assessment tool. Well…not directly in the Google Classroom platform, yet.

However, you can still upload grades from an external source using Google Apps Script. You could use GAS to upload a whole courses grades from a Google Sheet. You could even use GAS to upload grades on a trigger from another assessment’s API into your Google Classroom.

In this tutorial, I am going to run you through the basics of uploading grades into Google Classroom using Google Apps Script with the Classroom API.

NOTE! This tutorial is for a wide audience. Feel free to read the post all the way through, or take what you need and get cracking!

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