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Feature image for Display the financial year of a date in Google Sheets

A Better Financial Year Formula In Google Sheets

The most common financial year formula for Google Sheets looks a little like this: =IF(MONTH(A3) < 7, YEAR(A3) - 1, YEAR(A3)) Where: =IF(MONTH(date) < financial_year_starting_month, YEAR(date) - 1, YEAR(date)) In Australia, our financial year starts on the 1 July. So that’s what I’ve used in the example...

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Prevent consecutive clicks of a Google Sheet Image Button with Lock Service

Prevent consecutive clicks of Google Sheets Image Buttons in with Lock Service and Google Apps Script

Ever seen an overzealous user madly clicking on an image button in Google Sheets to run an automation script? It’s maddening, frustrating and most importantly, may cause errors in your beautifully crafted code. How Iplaysmash GIFfrom How Iplaysmash GIFs In this short tutorial, we explore how to use Google Apps Script’s Lock Service to prevent … Continue reading "Prevent consecutive clicks of Google Sheets Image Buttons in with Lock Service and Google Apps Script"...

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FILTER dates and times in Google Sheets Thumbnail

Google Sheets FILTER function: Dates and Times

If you have landed on this page you may have discovered that dates and times don’t always work as you might expect with the Google Sheets FILTER  function. In this tutorial, we are going to cover how to use FILTER on dates, times and date and time stamps (DTS). You can follow through the tutorial … Continue reading "Google Sheets FILTER function: Dates and Times"...

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Hacker with lock in front of face CSRF token apps script

Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in Google Apps Script Dialogs and Sidebars

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is a web security vulnerability that allows a nefarious entity to take actions on a website that are unintended by the user. Typically, this is done by tricking the user into using another website resembling the intended site and then submitting a form or clicking a button. The dodgy site then … Continue reading "Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in Google Apps Script Dialogs and Sidebars"...

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