Running Google Apps Script for the First Time: What’s with all the Warnings!

Google Apps Script

You’ve probably landed on this page because, like most of us, the first time we ran a Google Apps Script we came across a gauntlet of ever-increasing warnings asking us if we truly want to run this script. That’s cool. This is just Google trying to protect users.

Unfortunately, it does make things a little confusing for the first time Google Apps Script coder.

So what’s happening?

When we run a Google Apps Script code it often needs access to read, edit or write in certain locations, like your Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc. Each action that impacts you the user requires certain levels of authorisation from you to access it.

Because giving this authorisation to your code can make changes to your Google environment, Google provides a slew of warnings to ensure you are confident in what you are doing.

Sure, this is annoying for the regular Google Apps Script developer, but it is an important protection for the everyday user.

Check out the video below for a walkthrough on how to run complete the authorisation process and run your code for the first time:

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Google Apps Script: Automated PDF Certificated Creator That Is Emailed to the Attendee (Updated Feb 2022)

Google Apps Script: DriveApp, PropertiesService, SpreadsheetApp, GmailApp, SlidesApp. Google Slides, Google Sheets.

Have you ever wondered how people create certificates en mass and send them out automatically? You are in the right place.

In this tutorial, we are going to:

  1. Create Certificates of Attendance for multiple attendees using Google Slides and a list of attendees in Google Sheets.
  2. Send those certificates as an attached PDF to the attendees.

We’ll set it up so it is super user-friendly with a handy menu in your Google Slide template so that all you have to do is to update your Google Sheet of names each time you run the course and then click a few buttons.

Google Apps Script Menu Items in Google Slides

Also, we will run an example so you can see how it all works and what you need to do to set it up.

For the coders out there, I think I have documented the Google Apps Script code enough for you to figure out how to quickly implement your own project. However, I have also added a smalls discussion of some parts of the code at the end.

This is a standalone tutorial. However, it draws from two main tutorials if you want to explore those first (Though it is not essential):

Let’s get cracking.

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Google Sheets Beginners: Conditional Formatting (09)

Google Sheets: Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is a powerful tool that helps you to highlight cells that meet a certain value. You can format cells, that contains:

  • date ranges
  • Number ranges or specific numbers
  • Exact text or partial text

Once you have identified your condition you can change the cell’s background colour, font-weight or font colour.

You can access conditional formatting in Google Sheets by going to Format > Conditional formatting. Make sure you select the range you want to format first, though.

In this video tutorial we will cover the basics of Conditional Formatting in Google Sheet:

  1. What is conditional formatting and how to use it.
  2. Basics of conditional formatting.
  3. Example 1: Conditional Formatting Grade Ranges 0:23
  4. Example 2: Conditional Formatting empty cells or cell only containing values. 4:36
  5. Example 3: Conditional Formatting text that contains certain words or letters. 6:06

If you are keen to follow along here is a link to the Google Sheet I was working in:

Unformatted template to follow along with the video.

Simply, go to File > Make a copy to have your own copy of the file.

If you want to create custom conditions that are not in the list you really should check out this tutorial:

Google Sheets: Conditional Formatting with Custom Formula

If you want to check out more on my Google Sheets Beginners course you can check the playlist out here:

Google Sheets: Beginners

Did you enjoy the tutorial? Want to upskill and get a solid step-by-step course to become a pro at Google Sheets? Check out my course, Google Sheets: Learn the Essentials with Three Detailed Projects. Sign up today.

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Create a Student Certificate of Attendance with Google Slides and Export it as a PDF or Print it

Google Slides – Beginners

I always enjoy finding new ways to create documents using the Google Suite. One project I have recently worked on has been to build a Certificate of Attendance template that I can update for non-grades courses or conferences.

Why do this using a GSuite package?

Well, 1, if you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda into Google stuff and, 2, I can automate quickly using Google Apps Script and a list of students in Google Sheets so that I can produce all my student’s certificates all at once and automatically convert them to PDF.

If you are new to Google Slides, no problem. We will keep this basic. If you are a pro, skim through for some hot tips and stay tuned for a more technical follow up.

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