About the Yagisanatode Nickname

I got the nickname from some local friends while working in Japan many years ago.

It means, ‘after the goat’. I started teaching in a local primary school at the time and when the faculty was introduced to the students for the new year, I was introduced last after the pet goat – A clear indication of my position at the school.

I shared the story with my friends and they dubbed me Yagisanatode. We thought it was pretty amusing at the time.

The goat and I became good friends.

Why the Pseudonym?

Two reasons really.

The first is that I need to hold up, at the very least, the facade of anonymity due to my day job. Everything on my site is pretty vanilla, definitely non-political, done in my own time and generally just a bit of fun. I think it’s probably just a good idea to separate my work-self from my hobby-self.

Secondly, pseudonyms and avatars are pretty fun. They add a hint of mystery and, if you are into D&D like me, allow you to try out a character, that in this case might be a little closer to who I am on the inside.

In Japan, they have a term for your inner, true self, and your outer, public self: Honne (本音) and tatemae (建前). I guess Yagisanatode is probably closer to my honne.

Having said all that, I really don’t hide my identity. A quick search will pair me up with my pseudonym pretty quick.

Easter Eggs

About 70% of my work has some sort of geeky easter egg in it. I need to draw data and examples from something. So, the more fun it is the better it is for us both.

Have a look around my posts, you just might find some easter eggs you recognise.

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