Hey there! I’ve got some great news. Google has recognised me as a Google Developer Expert for the work I have done in Google Apps Script and Google Workspace. What’s that all mean? Well, just that they seem happy with the work I am producing to teach and promote the work that I do, and I get to show off this cool badge:

Google Developer Expert Banner Gsuite

About the Yagisanatode Nickname

I got the nickname from some local friends while working in Japan many years ago.

It means, ‘after the goat’. I started teaching in a local primary school at the time and when the faculty was introduced to the students for the new year, I was introduced last after the pet goat – A clear indication of my position at the school.

I shared the story with my friends and they dubbed me Yagisanatode. We thought it was pretty amusing at the time.

The goat and I became good friends.

Why the Pseudonym?

Pseudonyms and avatars are pretty fun. They add a hint of mystery and, if you are into D&D like me, allow you to try out a character, that in this case might be a little closer to who I am on the inside.

In Japan, they have a term for your inner, true self, and your outer, public self: Honne (本音) and tatemae (建前). I guess Yagisanatode is probably closer to my honne.

Having said all that, I really don’t hide my identity. A quick search will pair me up with my pseudonym pretty quick.

Come on! Who are you really?

Okay… fine.

about-me Yagisanatode

I’m Scott.

I’ve been working in education around the world as a teacher, trainer, administrator and manager over the years. I’ve always liked to teach, and blending it with my love of tech is a real joy for me.

In recent years I’ve had the pleasure of building the administrative backbone of a 140 teacher, 3,500 student-strong university preparatory year deanship program. Migrating it to Google Workspace and providing automation solutions for our heavy administrative demands so that the teachers could focus on what they are great at – teaching.

These days, I’m a small to medium business administrative automation consultant and educator. As you can tell, I generally try and achieve these ends by building no-code Google Workspace and Google Apps Script solutions.

I also, provide tutorials and courses on this website. I try and keep things informal and fun while packing a lot of detail that you can choose to read through in its entirety or just pick out the good bits. I spend a lot of time researching my material and I hope you get a lot out of it. After all, it is as much of a resource for me, as it is for you.

You can learn more about my origin store here:

The 5th Yearn Anniversary of Yagisanatode. An Origin Story

Easter Eggs

About 70% of my work has some sort of geeky easter egg in it. I need to draw data and examples from something. So, the more fun it is the better it is for us both.

Have a look around my posts, you just might find some easter eggs you recognise.

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