Google Chat Apps for Google Apps Script Developers (updated 2023-11-04)

In this article, we will look at Google Chat Apps and go over some of the basics of developing a chat app with Google Apps Script.

Note that Chat Apps are currently only available to Google Workspace paid accounts and not standard ‘@gmail’ consumer accounts.

What are Google Chat Apps?

All about Google Chat Apps YouTube Video
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Google Chat is a business-level messaging tool for Google Workspace that allows you to chat one-on-one and in groups called Spaces within your business and even with clients and contractors outside of your domain.

Its integrations with Google Workspace tools like Google sheets, docs and slides right inside chat along with a Google Task tab and a convenient file library tab make it a really handy business tool.

But one thing that is often overlooked is that you can add Chat Apps or Chat Bots to your Google Chat Spaces or DM a chat app directly to accomplish tasks conveniently.

There are hundreds of 3rd party Chat App integrations for you to choose from. Anything from project management to customer support and more.

Google Chat Apps Available

Chat apps can:

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Get Hidden or Visible Google Sheet Tabs with Google Apps Script

Based on a viewer’s recent question, here is how you can get a list of all hidden or visible Google Sheet tabs with Google Apps Script.

You can integrate these scripts into your own projects.

The Video

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Create links to the first item of each group in Google Sheets

Imagine you have a Google Sheet tab containing a course worth of hundreds of students sorted into classes or groups. After each exam, quiz or assignment, your teacher for each class needs to enter in the grades.

To make life easier for your teachers, we want to create a summary page where we can click on their class and be navigated directly to their group.

We don’t want to have to manually create a link for each location so we are going to write a formula to do the work for us.

Now, the formula is a little complex. So first off, we will generate our list of classes and add a separate section start link for each one. Then we will combine the two together to generate a single formula that gets all the unique sections and provides a link for each one.

If you are playing along, you can grab a copy of the starter sheet here:


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