Creating Webhooks for Google Chat App with Apps Script

In this tutorial, we follow the adventures of Captain Webhook and his crew in their insatiable desire to report their latest booty conquest to me via Google Chat webhooks…

That, dear readers, did not come out right.

Webhooks are HTTP POST requests that are usually generated by a triggered event. The event could come from any third-party source within Google Workspace like:

Or it can occur with other third-party services. Imagine that you want to get an update from:

  • Your Stripe or PayPal account whenever a new payment comes in.
  • A course management service like Gumroad.
  • Patreon when another awesome supporter shows you some love.

Or when a rather rambunctious figment of my imagination insists on updating me when his latest haul of treasure has come in… live.


Captain Webhook of the Pirate Sheet HTTPS Request

Chat App webhooks will need an intermediary step for them to be compiled in a way that the Google Chat API can understand. We’ve chosen Google Apps Script here to do this, but you can choose to use any other language to convert your data into Chat API readable JSON or even build in a CLI to post your webhook request.

In this tutorial, we will cover how to:

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How to force subscribe a user in your domain to a Google Calendar with Google Apps Script.

If you have tried to seamlessly subscribe a user to a Google Calendar as part of an automation workflow in Google Apps Script and discovered that all that happens is that the user gets an automated email request to join, and then it is up to them to accept the calendar invitation to add it to their live calendar list, you’re in the right place.

While providing an invitation gateway makes a lot of sense for Google Workspace consumer(free) accounts where you don’t want strangers to subscribe you to calendars that you don’t want to be a member of, it can be a little frustrating for Google Workspace business and organisations that need users to see a particular calendar.

You’ve probably experienced this, but you can’t always rely on your users to accept these invitations to add a calendar. Then down the track, the user is left scratching their head wondering why they are not getting the calendar events like everyone else.

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