Count the Number of Selected Days of the Week in Google Sheets


A very common spreadsheet task is to get the total count of the days between two dates. We might need this information to:

  • Find the number of days absent of staff or students.
  • Find the total days worked or attending a class.

Some times we need to avoid including weekends, national holidays or certain days of the week in our total account. Fortunately for us, Google Sheets has some custom functions to help us easily work this all out.

This tutorial will cover how to find the total number of days over a range minus any selected days you don’t want to be included. We’ll also cover how to get the total count of specific days of the week over a range.

NOTE! I have the dates set to the British standard e.g. 5 May 2020. You can change the formatting around to any gregorian date format for these examples.

Let’s get cracking!

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