How to compare current week’s data with previous week’s data in Google Sheets


One really helpful metric to check performance is to compare the current weeks worth of data against the previous weeks. I have had need of this in all sorts of projects such as:

  • Comparing sales performance from previous weeks to current.
  • Comparing hours worked on different tasks from week to week.
  • Compare the assessment balance between weekly tests.
  • Compare attendance numbers.

The problem is you often only receive data in to form of a date, like 1 Nov 2020. We will go through one possible solution to this problem in this tutorial.

We’ll run through an example together that you should be able to quickly adapt to your own project.

Let’s get cracking!

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Google Sheets: How to use OR inside a FILTER

Google sheets: FILTER, booleans, NOT, ISBLANK

Have you ever had a set of data in Google Sheets where you want to use FILTER to grab rows based on if a condition in one column is met or if a condition is another column is met?

Maybe you got frustrated that the OR function did not work inside the FILTER as you might have expected. Well, let me tell you matey-potatey, ‘or’ works a little differently in FILTER.

In this tutorial, we will explore how to apply alternate ‘or’ conditions in a single column or multiple columns.

NOTE: If you are looking for how to use ‘or’ in a FILTER, I am assuming you know how to use FILTER in Google Sheets.

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