New course ??? Google Sheets: Learn the Essentials with Three Detailed Projects & 60% off ?

It’s the big day!

I’m very excited to introduce you to my new course:

Google Sheets: Learn the Essentials with Three Detailed Projects

Whether you are looking to skill up, make your work-life easier or impress your boss then this course will take you from Google Sheets beginner to producing corporate-level Google Sheets with three detailed projects.

And because this is the opening week, I am offering a whopping 60% off the course for the next 7 days only.

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First 5 Chapters Free

I have also opened up the first 5 Chapters of the course for you to try completely FREE.

Go on and give it a try now!


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If you are already a Google Sheets legend, you know how important it is to learn how to master spreadsheets. If you know someone transitioning industries, just starting out or simply needing to boost their skillset please share this post.

This is a whopper of a discount and not one to miss.

The offer expires on Sunday the 9th May 2021.


Why I built the course

This has been a project I wanted to build for a long time. The best way to learn something is by getting hands-on and building a project.  That’s how I know I learn best.

I wanted to build a Google Sheets beginners to pro course that I wanted when I first started in the world of Google Sheets. Something with real-life examples and a set of projects that I can build and maybe even modify and reuse in the future. Something that not only gives me the how-toos but the why I should be building and designing my spreadsheets in a certain way.

Go on, check out the link to find out more about the course and try out the first 5 chapters on me. I know you are going to get a lot out of it.


This offer expires on Sunday 9 May 2021.

~Yagi ?