Named Function Pack

An expanding list of named functions to you can easily import into your own Google Sheets or use the pack’s custom template for your own project.

Product Description

The Named Functions Pack


Google Sheets doesn’t have ALL the functions you need to help you be productive in your day-to-day work life.

Grab an expanding list of Named Functions to complete the most niche of tasks like:

  • ✔ Generating HTML image and video tags.
  • ✔ Finding the location of rows and columns containing text.
  • ✔ Getting a list of unique words or phrases from a range or cell.
  • ✔ Getting embeddable URLs for Google Drive images.
  • ✔ Generate a list of Random Names
  • ✔ Generating random alphanumeric values for keys and passwords.

…and much more.

Named Functions sidebar
Conveniently, review each named function from the Google Sheets sidebar.

No more wasting time!

Don’t waste your precious time spending hours trying to figure out your next formula.

Grab it right now! Plus get a pack of time-saving handy functions for your next project!

Vote for New Named Functions

Suggest and Vote on new Named Functions. If it can be done within the platform, then we’ll add it in!

Example of the named functions Google Sheets Template

Create a Google Sheet from the Named Functions Template

Create NEW Google Sheets directly from a template in your Domain Workspace Account.

Or easily import just the named functions you want for each spreadsheet project.

Simple Documentation on Each Function

Simple and clear documentation on each Named Function along with examples.

Plus, guides on importing your Named Functions and setting up your own custom template.

Early Bird Pricing

Goat Club Rewards

PRICE $2.95 USD ($10.95)

Save $8 on the pack right now.

All the initial Named Functions have been built and you will have access to them all straight away.

Right now we are building out the documentation for each Named Function and preparing some instructional videos for you.

Get in early and you can send me your suggestions on what you want to see here, so we can build the best product for you!


*OWNERS! Ensure that you are logged into your Google Workspace or Gmail account you assigned for this product.

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