Google Sheets Beginner to Pro | Project 2: Project Management Spreadsheet

Learn the Benefits of Templating Data, collaboration, and live tracking of your team’s progress with this completed video course.

Product Description

In this course, we will get hands-on and build a Project Management Workbook that will take you from the very basics of how Google Sheets works all the way through to developing corporate-level dynamic Google Sheets for your workplace.

Not only will we cover how to use:

  • tools like Charts, Data Validation, Protecting Sheets, and some really amazing Conditional Formatting
    the main functions like:

    • COUNTA
    • DAYS
    • MOD
    • Dive into some advanced formula combinations.
  • but we will look at:
    • spreadsheet design principles
    • workflow processes
    • develop our shortcut skills, and
    • collaborating with others.

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