Create and Publish Google Workspace Add-ons with Google Apps Script: Master Class

This course is designed to teach you how to create and publish a Google Workspace Add-on with Google Apps Script by building a Canned Response App.

Product Description

Learn Card Service Fundamentals, Build a Canned Response App, and Publish to the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Learn how to:

Quickly connect a Google Apps Script project to a Google Cloud Platform project.

Add all the appropriate scopes and handle the JSON manifest setup file.

Understand the fundamentals of the Google Apps Script Card Service to build the add-on.

Prototype the UI of the add-on with the unofficial visual Card Builder tool.

Learn the best practices for building an app (The best way to learn is through building a sample app like the Canned Response App that we will create).

Test the app.

Publish the app internally or publically in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Along with building an app homepage, terms of use and privacy policy, and troubleshooting the app review team’s feedback.

What you will build:

The best way to master a new technology is to build something with it. In this course, you will build a handy Canned Response App that allows you to add, insert and store pre-built responses into a Gmail Email, Google Doc, Google Slide and Google Sheet.

Canned Response App for Google Workspace Add-on Course
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Each part of the add-on creation process builds on the previous with new knowledge and skills to build Google Workplace add-ons. Once you have your Canned Response app built, you will be able to use it to save time in your own day-to-day tasks!

What you get on the Google Workspace Add=on Course

Who is this Course For?

This course is for:

  • ✔ Amateur to professional developers who want to create and publish a Google Workspace Add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace or internally within their company domain.
  • ✔ Upper beginner to intermediate Apps Script users who want to learn how to build Google Workspace add-ons, connect their project to a Google Cloud Platform project, master Card Service, prototype with the Card Builder tool, learn workflows and data structures for building Google Workspace Add-ons with Apps Script and Card Service and understand the Google Cloud Platform publishing process and best practices.
  • ✔ App development companies looking to extend their existing apps into Google Workspace.
  • ✔ JavaScript developers looking to quickly build a Google Workspace Add-on.

Course Curriculum

0. Home

Course Introduction

1. Setting Up the Project

1.1. Prepare Your Project Directory

1.2. Create the Apps Script Project

1.3. Connect and Setup a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project

1.4. Setup the JSON manifest for your Apps Script project

2. Card Service Basics

2.1. Create a Basic Card Service Connection

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2.2. Retrieving the Canned Responses data source and the active app name

2.3. Adding sections to a card

2.4. Adding an image widget

2.5. Adding buttons

2.6. Adding a decorated text widget

2.7. Card fixed footers and headers

3. Visually Prototype the Card UI

3.1. Using the Card Builder Visual Editor

3.2. Prototyping our three Cards (pages)

3.3. Why I don’t usually use the Card Builder

4. Build the Homepage Card

4.1. Setup Global Variables and Structure the Project

4.2. Build the Homepage Card

4.3. Category Selection Dropdown Widget

4.4. New Response Decorated Text

5. Build the Canned Response List Card

5.1. onCannedResponseList()

5.2. Response List Data Object

5.3. Details Section

5.4. Response Selection Section

5.5. Create Page Button Footer

6. Canned Response Page

6.1. onCannedResponsePage()

6.2. Response Row Data

6.3. Build the header section

6.4. Canned Response Section

6.5. Insert Response Text

6.6. Handling Gmail Insert

7. Add New Canned Response Card

7.1 onCreateNewResponse()

7.2. Input Field Section

7.3. Insert the New Response

8. Publishing the Add-on

8.1. Create a Homepage

8.2. Complete OAuth Consent Screen

8.3. Add to Marketplace

9. Wrap up and Resources

9.1. Code

9.2. Additional Card Service Code Snippets

9.3. Extra Resources


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