Google Sheets Beginners: Linking (21)

21 Google Sheets Shorts - Linking

Google Sheets 

Find out how to effectively link to websites, your own Google docs and within your very own Google Sheets. In this tutorial, I’ll cover,

  1.  Types of linking in Google Sheets 00:00
  2. Simple copy and paste approach 00:11
  3. How the link is displayed and it’s properties 00:20
  4. Add a link to an existing cell with text in it. 00:50
  5. Other access points to use the link tool. 01:22
  6. The link window tools. 01:34
  7. The shortcut command to the link tool 02:05
  8. Add both the title and the link with the link tool. 02:30
  9. Link to another Google doc in your Drive 02:48
  10. Link to another Sheet Tab within your Google Sheet 03:35
  11. Link to a cell within your Google sheet 04:30
  12. Link to a selected range within your Google Sheet 05:34
  13. Link to a specific piece of text within a string of text in a cell 04:30
  14. Different links to different pieces of text within a cell 07:22
  15. Get a URL to a specific cell in a specific Sheet Tab and share it. 08:33

Linking can be a really handy tool for you when building your Google Sheet project. You can use it to reference a long list of external documents. Create a table of contents Google Sheet Tab for your monster of a Google Sheets project. Or even create a mini centralised information hub for your organisation or team.

Oh! Did you know that there is also a Google Sheets functions for HYPERLINKS. Why use it over the link too? Well, it is great for concurrent automation of cells down a row. Or you might want to add it to a greater formula to, say, add URL extensions automatically.

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