Google Sheets Beginners: Workbook Edit Version History (26)

26 Workbook Edit History

Google Sheets keeps a detailed version history of your workbook. You can use this version history to track changes and identify when, where and who made a change. You can make a copy of an old version or revert your current sheet back to an old version.

Find out how to check your workbooks changes history in Google Sheets.

In this tutorial, I’ll cover,

  1. Why you might need to check the version history. 00:05
  2. How to see the version history 00:18
  3. What you can see opening version history 00:32
  4. How to expand to see specific individual history 00:52
  5. How to see edits individually by colour. 01:01
  6. Toggle the view on and off. 01:38
  7. How to Restore a version 01:57 
  8. How to Name a version. 02:30
  9. How to Make a Copy. 03:10
  10. How to exit version history 03:47

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