Google Sheets Beginners: Sharing your Sheet (20)

20 Google Sheets Shorts - Sharing & Permissions

The ability to share and co-edit documents live is a powerful tool for organisations. In this tutorial, we will dive in deep on sharing a Google Sheet. In this tutorial, I’ll cover,

  1. What is sharing? Who can you share your Google Sheet with and what permissions can you give them? 00:00
  2. How to share your Google Sheet 0:20
  3. Understanding the share dialogue window. 00:50
  4. How to share your Google Sheet with people and/or groups 00:58
  5. Sharing with a group of users. 01:37
  6. Introduction to the top-bar of the comment dialogue box. 02:45
  7. Change users share permissions. 02:57
  8. Notify users that you are sharing a Google Sheet with them. 03:46
  9. See the number of people you have shared and the permissions that you have given them. 04:39
  10. A view of the email notification the user will receive. 04:59
  11. A warning on notification messages 05:25
  12. Viewing a shared Google Sheet as an editor. 05:45
  13. See the results of an edit from another shared account. 06:32
  14. Setting up custom people and group share settings. 07:02
  15. Change the permission level of existing shared user 08:48
  16. Make a shared user the owner of the document. 09:10
  17. The ‘View’ permission. What it looks like for the user. 10:43
  18. Requesting permissions from the owner. 11:13
  19. The ‘Get Link’ share settings. 12:19
  20. How anonymous users appear on your sheet. 14:30

While understanding the basics of sharing is quite simple, it can be a huge benefit up understand the different aspects of sharing. Your Google Sheet.

In the tutorial, we mentioned that we have a tutorial on how to handing a multitude of users making edit privilege request in your Gmail. Here is the tutorial:

How to stop getting Google document requests to edit from users outside your organisation from publicly viewable files.

Finally, here is a link to the Google Sheet that we have set to share fory anyone with a link can view: 

Shareing in Google Sheets tutorial link.

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  1. What is the best way to share allowing the person to make a copy with all script if you do not have a website?

    1. ‘View access will still do this. Select either the specific group or people, or use ‘Anyone with link can view’. You can share the link pretty much anywhere.

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