Google Sheets Beginners: Filter (38) & Filter View (39) (Updated 21 June 2022)

38 - Google Sheets Shorts - Filter

In these video tutorials, we will cover the Filter tool in Google sheets.


You can set up a specialised view of your Google Sheet data that will let you sort, or filter out unwanted data in any column with the Filter tool.

This tool can pack a punch. You can sort different columns alphabetically, numerically, suing custom rules or even background colours. You can then use the filter part of the tool to remove unwanted parts of your data.

Don’t worry though, the filter will not affect your original. All you have to do is remove the filter and your data is back to normal.

In this video tutorial, we will go into the details on how to use the Filter tool. We will also cover some common gotchas, that beginners stumble on when trying to use Filter for the first time.

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Check it out:

00:00 Intro
00:26 Accessing the Filter tool
01:14 About column headers and Filter
01:26 Fixing up hidden headers
01:39 A basic sort
01:46 Sorting A-Z & Z-A
02:00 Sorting with numbers
02:28 Sort by a background colour
03:09 Sort by order then colour
03:34 Sort by multiple columns (gotchas!)
04:23 Sort by grades
05:25 Filtering
05:34 Filter by values
07:46 Filter by colour
08:27 Filter by condition

Filter Views

You can create a variety of different filtered views without code or changing your data with Google Sheets Filtered Views. These views can be really handy for quickly presenting your data to your team or clients.

Filter views also have the benefit of being viewable only to the user who created them. This means that you will not annoy other users with your view when you selected one of your filtered views.

Take a look at the video:

00:00 Intro
00:17 How to create a Filter View
00:44 Filter view layout
01:03 Create your first Filter View
01:32 Updating the range
02:48 Accessing & hiding Filter Views
03:07 Create another Filter View
04:13 Duplicating a Filter View
05:57 View a list of Filter Views
06:21 Remove a Filter View
06:41 Educating your team

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  • 21 June 2022 – Updated information about filter views being unique to the user. 

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