Google Sheets Beginners: Editing Excel and ODS format files in Google Sheets (31)

31 Editing Excel and ODS format files in Google Sheets

You can now work on Excel and Open Document Format (ODS) file right in Google Sheets without converting the file to a Google Sheets file. This makes Googles Sheets a power collaboration tool.

In this tutorial, I’ll cover,

  1. How to upload an Excel sheet to your Google Drive 00:16
  2. Adding an Excel file from your email 01:04
  3. Directly editing an Excel sheet from your email 01:25
  4. How do I know if it’s an Excel, ODS, or Google Sheet? 01:34
  5. Differences in Google Sheets from your Excel sheet 02:07
  6. Benefits of editing in Google Sheets to transfer easily. 02:55
  7. Where has my edited/ opened Excel sheet gone? 03:12
  8. Downloading your file from Google Drive 03:47
  9. Comparisons in sheets, from your Drive to Excel 04:17
  10. A different way to download 05:01
  11. Converting Excel to Google Sheets. 05:17

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