Google Sheets Beginners: Charts (40)

Google Sheets - Charts

A top data presentation is all about displaying your data in an easy to understand and memorable way. This is why being able to quickly create charts with your Google Sheets data is an essential tool.

In this video tutorial, I’ll cover the basics of how to build a number of common chart types in Google Sheets. I’ll then show you how to quickly format them and cover a few gotchas new chart users face.

Here is a link to the data, if you want to play along!

Charts Data

Check out the video!


00:00 Intro
00:27 How to access charts
01:07 Google Sheets suggested charts
01:23 Pie charts
01:31 The Chart Editor
01:36 The Setup Tab
02:43 The Customize Tab
02:47 Chart Style
03:18 Pie Chart menu
03:42 Slice labels menu
04:09 Pie slices menu
04:39 Chart Axis & Title
05:03 Legend menu
05:16 Interacting with a chart
05:39 Bar Charts
06:39 Modifying the data in a chart
07:23 Formatting your chart
10:37 Copying a chart as a template
11:11 Aligning charts in your Google Sheet
11:39 Column Charts
12:10 Displaying the total or average of a range
13:20 Area Chart
14:20 Updating the range
14:50 Setup for auto-update

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