Google Sheets Beginners: Accessing the Keyboard Shortcuts (32)

Accessing the keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets

Learning keyboard shortcuts are a must to improve performance when using Google Sheets.

Urban myth or not, I remember hearing a story about a manager in the financial industry who took away his new charge’s mouse and made sure the rest of the team didn’t give them one. This shocking bit of tough-love was to force their charge into using keyboard shortcuts because they knew that it dramatically improved their ability to quickly negotiate a spreadsheet.

I have been tempted to do this with my own staff over the years only, I suppose, tempered by the zeitgeist of this era.

In this short tutorial, we will cover how to access and negotiate the shortcuts menu so you can start to memorise the shortcuts you need to be successful as a Google Sheets ninja.

If you want a rundown on the top shortcuts to get you on the road to be the next Hussain Bolt of Google  Sheets, check out the tutorial below:

If you enjoy the video and want to learn more about how to use Google Sheets, check out the Youtube Playlist:

Google Sheets Shorts: Beginners

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