Google Sheets Beginners: Cutting, Copying and Pasting ( + bonus complete guide) (35)

Copy cut n paste Google Sheets Tribbles

Just when you thought that copy and paste was a no-brainer you start working in Google Sheets spreadsheets and find that there is a little more here than meets the eye.

The good news is that Google  Sheets has some great pasting types to help you copy or cut your data and put it in the cells or ranges exactly how you want it.

This tutorial takes you through a simple beginners tutorial on copying and pasting in Google Sheets to rapidly get you underway and then we dive into a Complete Guide to cut, copy, all the various paste types and possible gotchas you might face.

Cut, Copy & Paste Basics

Watch this video on YouTube.

The most important takeaway from this tutorial are the shortcuts that are going to be vital for you to boost your efficiency:

  • Cut : PC –  ctrl + X, Mac –  ⌘ + X
  • Copy : PC –  ctrl + C, Mac –  ⌘ + C
  • Paste : PC –  ctrl + V, Mac –  ⌘ + V
  • Paste just the values  : PC –  ctrl + shift + V, Mac –  ⌘  + shift + V

Cut, Copy & Paste Complete Guide

Here we dig into the weeds of all the capabilities that Google Sheets has with Cut, Copy and Paste.

Watch this video on YouTube.

In this tutorial, I’ll cover,

  1. 00:00 Intro
  2. 00:30 The basic copy and paste function and it’s shortcuts.
  3. 01:59 Copy and pasting basic formatting.
  4. 02:38 Differences with formulas with copy and paste.
  5. 04:01 Copy and pasting – across select ranges in the same Sheet.
  6. 04:43 Copy and pasting – from one Google Sheet to another.
  7. 05:38 Copy and pasting – from a different Google Sheet to another.
  8. 06:19 Copy and pasting – from other document types like Text, Excel, or a Webpage.
  9. 10:15 Copy and pasting – same values or a range of values multiple times.
  10. 11:57 Copy and pasting – formatting only.
  11. 13:12 How copying the formatting also copies conditional formatting.
  12. 13:55 Copy and pasting – excluding borders.
  13. 14:36 Copy and pasting – column widths only.
  14. 15:40 Copy and pasting – formulas only.
  15. 16:44 Copy and pasting – data validation
  16. 17:27 Copy and pasting – conditional formatting only.
  17. 18:40 Copy and pasting – transposed ( changing rows to columns and columns to rows)


So did anyone get the Tribble easter egg? Anyone…? 👓🐐

Spend some time masting the shortcuts for cut, copy and paste. Most of them will apply for all sorts of software (not just Google Products). So it is well worth knowing.

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