Google Sheets Beginners: Editing Excel and ODS format files in Google Sheets (31)

31 Editing Excel and ODS format files in Google Sheets

Last Updated on 2021-10-31 by Jarret Hooper

You can now work on Excel and Open Document Format (ODS) file right in Google Sheets without converting the file to a Google Sheets file. This makes Googles Sheets a power collaboration tool.

In this tutorial, I’ll cover,

  1. How to upload an Excel sheet to your Google Drive 00:16
  2. Adding an Excel file from your email 01:04
  3. Directly editing an Excel sheet from your email 01:25
  4. How do I know if it’s an Excel, ODS, or Google Sheet? 01:34
  5. Differences in Google Sheets from your Excel sheet 02:07
  6. Benefits of editing in Google Sheets to transfer easily. 02:55
  7. Where has my edited/ opened Excel sheet gone? 03:12
  8. Downloading your file from Google Drive 03:47
  9. Comparisons in sheets, from your Drive to Excel 04:17
  10. A different way to download 05:01
  11. Converting Excel to Google Sheets. 05:17

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