Google Sheets Beginners: Getting Email notifications on changes and form submits (24)

24 Google Sheets Shorts - Get Notifications for Edits and Form Submissions

Google Sheets

Google Sheets provides an email notification tool that allows you to get email notifications for changes to a Google Sheet or when a Google Form that is connected to your Google Sheet receives a submission. You can set your email notifications to be received when each change occurs or as a daily summary.

There are some really good use-cases where you might need to receive notifications of changes to a Google Sheet. Here are two common examples that I have used notifications for in the past:

  1. Tech Support: I have had a form connected to a sheet and then had my team use notifications to get an email when a user submits a tech support issue. We set it up so that the first responder adds their initial to a column related to the lastest form submission so that everyone knows that it is being addressed.
  2. Project Management: I’ve run a Gantt chart for project management and when someone from a project I have assigned has completed a portion of a task and is ready for review, they check a box. At the end of each day, I get an email notification summarising the changes in the chart.

Check out the details below on how to get notifications on a Google Sheet and how to read the email notification summary.

In this tutorial, I’ll cover,

  1. What are Notifications in Google Sheets. 00:27
  2. Adding in a Notification Rule. 00:42
  3. Notification from a Google Form. 01:00
  4. How Forms link to get Notifications. 01:25
  5. How Notifications are received in email. 02:10
  6. Creating a daily digest as a Notification Rule. 02:53
  7. What a daily digest looks like in email form. 03:20
  8. Other Notification Rules you can add. 03:55
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