Google Sheets Beginners: Communicating with Comments (19)

19 Google Sheets Shorts - Comments and Communication

Google Sheets

One of the beauties of Google Sheets is collaboration. In this tutorial, we will cover how to insert comments in Google Sheets so that you can target cells and ranges for discussion with comments. In this tutorial, I’ll cover,

  1. Uses of comments in Google Sheets. 00:16 
  2. Who can access comments (Permissions)? 01:08
  3. How to create a comment. 01:21
  4. Create a general comment 01:28
  5. What comments look like in a sheet. 02:15
  6. Introduction to the top-bar of the comment dialogue box. 02:45
  7. Replying to comments in Google Sheets. 03:24
  8. Viewing comment history. 04:18
  9. Resolving comments. 04:35
  10. Other ways to create a comment in Google Sheets. 04:55
  11. Specifically addressing users in comments. 05:29
  12. Assigning comments to users. 06:52
  13. Viewing comment notifications in Gmail. 07:38
  14. Manually setting notifications for comments 09:30
  15. A final example using comments 10:35
  16. Seeing how many comments there are in a Google Sheets tab. 11:20

There is a lot to comments. Mostly learning comments is quite intuitive, however, it is important that your users know what they need to in order to be able to effectively communicate with each other in the Google Sheet. 


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