Google Sheets Beginners – Creating Sheet Tabs (14)

14 Google Sheets Shorts - Add and remove Google Sheet Tabs

Google Sheets

Sometimes just one Google Sheets tab is not enough. Maybe you want to tidy up your data, create unique insights in a separate tab or generate a spectacular graphic dashboard or all your daw data, knowing how to create a Google Sheets tab is going to be a vital part of your success as a Google Sheets creator.

In this tutorial we’ll cover:

  1. The different ways you can add a new blank sheet tab.
  2. Duplicating a current sheet tab.
  3. Renaming your sheet tab.
  4. Accessing a large number of sheet tabs.
  5. Hiding and unhiding your sheet tab.


Don’t forget to let your team know that you are using tabs. They always forget 🤣.

Watch this video on YouTube.

If you want to learn some more Google Sheets basics skills check out the link to the playlist below:

Google  Sheets Basics playlist

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