Google Sheets Beginners: Conditional Formatting (09)

09 Google Sheets Shorts - Conditional Formatting

Google Sheets: Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is a powerful tool that helps you to highlight cells that meet a certain value. You can format cells, that contains:

  • date ranges
  • Number ranges or specific numbers
  • Exact text or partial text

Once you have identified your condition you can change the cell’s background colour, font-weight or font colour.

You can access conditional formatting in Google Sheets by going to Format > Conditional formatting. Make sure you select the range you want to format first, though.

In this video tutorial we will cover the basics of Conditional Formatting in Google Sheet:

  1. What is conditional formatting and how to use it.
  2. Basics of conditional formatting.
  3. Example 1: Conditional Formatting Grade Ranges 0:23
  4. Example 2: Conditional Formatting empty cells or cell only containing values. 4:36
  5. Example 3: Conditional Formatting text that contains certain words or letters. 6:06
Watch this video on YouTube.

If you are keen to follow along here is a link to the Google Sheet I was working in:

Unformatted template to follow along with the video.

Simply, go to File > Make a copy to have your own copy of the file.

If you want to create custom conditions that are not in the list you really should check out this tutorial:

Google Sheets: Conditional Formatting with Custom Formula

If you want to check out more on my Google Sheets Beginners course you can check the playlist out here:

Google Sheets: Beginners

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