Instagram Diaries 2 – Creating and Instagram Business Account, Getting the Perfect Username and Profile Image

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If  you missed Part 1 of the Instagram Diaries – how it all began – you can click here!

Well, here we go.

One of the benefits of not being 20 year old me is that I am a little more cautious and less willing to trust my abilities in favor of listening to successful people and following their advice. 

Okay, I fess up. I am more likely to research and take others peoples advice more than I did twenty years ago. There!!! Is that okay? Jeez!!!

So the gurus of Instagram, those twenty-teen titans, were telling me that I should either upgrade my current Instagram account or create a new account.

Hmm… the though of updating my personal Instagram account and dicking around with all sorts of marketing tests did not seem fair to the few friends who bullied me into joining Instagram against my will in the first place.

Plus I got a bit of a confession to make…

I haven’t told anyone yet. So yeah, I really am taking this midlife crisis analogy and rolling with it. Now read on as I make weasley excuses even I don’t believe.

  1. I want to see if I can succeed somewhat on this before I ask Mrs Yagi to waste her time getting involved.
  2. I have work colleagues on my personal account that I don’t want to share things like this with. 
  3. There was a blog post I found that said it’s a good idea to separate accounts, and of course, because if confirmed my belief I latched onto it.

Besides, it’s one of those secrets married couples have that we both know the other person is doing something creative, but they are trying something out that they might be embarrassed about. So the other partner just acts like nothing is happening while they let their loved ones creative juices run free (or dry up into a gooey puddle of failure induced depression that requires several sessions of hug therapy).

No failure puddle this time dear Wife! Though I will take the hugs. 

Getting Started

So my first inclination after reading up on things was to go out and create a business account. 

Yeah..Nah. Don’t do that.

I did that. It was a stupid idea.

You see, somewhere along the line you are going to be prompted to create a username and a profile image. Having these prepared first will save you a huge amount of time and grief. 

The Perfect Username

There were countless blog posts about creating the perfect Instagram username. These bloggers were really getting into it. So much so that I thought I was missing something. They really were waxing lyrical on the perfect username. Maybe it was just word count.

I gave myself a few days to think about it and then I realized that it all came down to a few things: 

  • Keep it relevant to the niche.
  • Don’t use weird characters.

I was tempted to use a third point there, but it really isn’t necessary. That’s it!

Well, I thought, my new Instagram account is about a married Aussie couple who are expats. I also recall that there is often confusion as to whether or not expat is referring to Australians living overseas or foreign national living in Australia. Hmm…how to clear that up.

By gingo!!! I’ve got it!!!

Aussie Expats Abroad

That does the trick! So I wacked that into Instagram and it gave be the big thumbs up for my business name and it also gave me the username:


Yep, noice!!! Kinda says it all don’t you think?

Perfect Profile Picture

Ah alliteration. The cheap shot at humour for the droll. 

Anyway, so I actually really like my personal Instagram page profile picture, but I am not sure that is says what it is supposed to about my brand (‘My brand’ ~cringe)

Yeah, so I’m supposed to have a brand according to the experts and have some consistency. Part of this branding it to have a profile image that says, to the best of its ability, exactly what I am about. 

The image on my personal page sort of does this. It’s kinda artsy with a travel vibe to it. 

I just don’t think it explained enough to the audience about what my Instagram page was all about.

So instead, I went hunting  for some royalty free images of the globe with Australia facing a prominent position then fiddled around with the colour and background settings in and then came up with something I was pretty happy with: 

I chucked that into Instagram for upload and I started playing around with filters. I found the Mayfair filter and it helped the image add a little dimensionality to the globe by shading the sides on a slight diagonal. I’m no graphic artist, but I’m pretty happy with the results. 

So that job was done. How do you think it turned out?

Getting an Instagram Business Account

I though the whole process of getting an Instagram business account would be fairly easy. You know, click a few buttons create a name and boom! You’re ready to dazzle the world. 

Nope it almost as hard as submitting an app for the Google Apps Store. Translation: pretty bloody convoluted. 

In short, here is what I needed to create a business account: 

  1. Another email address.
  2. A Facebook page (Not your personal account another business page). 
  3. Go into your Instagram setting and make sure you are connected to Facebook and it has permission to look at your pages. 
  4. If there is a link offering to create a new Instagram Business Account click that bad boy, otherwise scroll all the way to the bottom and and click Add Account
  5. Log in multiple times by accident instead of clicking the tiny little: Don’t have an account? Sign Up button down the bottom cause you’re an idiot (Or that might just be me). 
  6. Follow all the instructions and at last you are done. 
  7. Got take a nap, you deserved it!

What’s it all about?

The very last touch was to set up the blurb. The little bit of information about what the whole Instagram page is about. You only have 150 characters here, so the experts say to use emojis (I just had a brain fart and had to show a picture of emojis to my wife to ask her what they are called so she could: 1. Tell me. 2. Laugh at me).

Here I went for a little more detail on:

  • Who we are – a couple
  • How long we have been expats
  • Where we have lived
  • And the 3 things that will characterize our posts, travel, food and being tight-arses. 

So the end result is below. You can access the page by searching for aussieexpats or Aussie Expats Abroad on Instagram or if you are on PC then jump to the link. 

Once I created the account, thought up a pretty solid business name, created a profile image, added a little info about the page and took a nap, I was ready to create my first posts.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Instagram Diaries to find out how my first day posting went. 

While you wait, let me know what you think. 

Do you think my business name was a good pic? Can you think up a better one?

Which of the two profile images do you prefer? The new one or the old one?

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