Instagram Diaries 1 – Getting Started

This might just be my midlife crisis! The start of my bumbling adventure on #Instagram

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This might just be my midlife crisis!

A little over a month ago I turned 40. I could tell I was going to hit the big four-oh because of all the aches and pains that take longer and longer to deal with than they used to. 

On top of that, the new workload got hard. I mean real hard. I’m used to pulling 10+ hour days once or twice a week, but this year, it’s been every single day.

I know I needed a side project that was fresh and light. I needed a break from the coding and spreadsheets. Like any bloke in his midlife crisis, I needed to go out here and hit the latest young thing in a sad and desperate effort to rekindle my youth. 

That young thing, I thought, would be Instagram. Now, I know Instagram is no baby, but we need to to talk comparatively here. I’m on that slow rise to the “Old Fart” zone and five years older than 90% of the demographic

So to prove my youth one last time (maybe), I set out to learn what I could about Instagram. What I didn’t expect was the utter amount of information, and a lot of it data driven too! I was really starting to warm to the idea.

So, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do. It had been rattling around in my head over my summer vacation in Romania, while taking a tonne of pics that I will probably store on my phone and never look at again or migrate them to a hard drive, when Mrs Yagi tells me to, to never look at again. 

Peles Castle, Romania

Over the summer, I stumbled across a few videos and articles about social media engagement and Mrs Yagi and I thought we would give this Instagram thing a go. 

Our results were mixed. We kinda got what it was all about – a way to share pics with friends – but it took us a little while to get a handle on #hashtags. Even then with mixed success. 

What I learned about Instagram over that Summer Vacation was this: 

  1. Create a niche.
  2. Make sure most of the people you follow are in a similar niche as you. 
  3. Use hashtags related to that niche (You can use heaps of them)
  4. Post frequently
  5. Like what other people are doing in your related niche
  6. Make thoughtful comments to people who are in the same niche as you.
  7. Reply to comments on your posts
  8. Big meaty thumbs are bad. Phones don’t like em!
  9. The word niche comes up a lot! 

So in the last few days of that glorious Summer Vacation, I halfheartedly tried some of the suggestions out, and you know what? It kinda worked. 

Unfortunately, once back home I was headfirst into a mountain of work and put all thoughts of Instagram fame, or whatever, out of my mind. 

The thing is…

…those thoughts have been seeping back into my mind for a few months now, like a ear-worm of a Rick Astley  Song (Don’t do it!).

In my head I was thinking, well yeah! I’ve got a niche. Mrs Yagi and I have been expats living abroad since 2006. We went from broke flat broke to actually having savings and investments. We still travel, but we know how to have a great time for the best value. We take a tonne of pics of our travels. Why don’t we wrap it all together and see if we can do something with it on Instagram?

But the nerves!!! What if I fail???

Well, at the very least we will know what not to do. Plus we will be able to see what advice worked and what didn’t along the way. That might just mean doing up some spreadsheet. Yes!!!

So if you are keen on watching me flail around like a fish out of water and hopefully get one or two things right, then follow along on this series. 

So what do you think?

Do you think I have a decent enough niche? 

Got any tips to get me started?

Did you click that Rick Astley link?


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